Friday, January 14, 2011

Blog Kick-Off!

So, yeah, my other blog was boring. So I'm starting this one purely for my music.
Last year, I realized that when I composed music, I didn't really have a particular genre in mind. So, my New Year's Resolution for this year is to try to compose to every movie genre possible. That is why I created this new blog: whenever I try to compose to a new movie genre, I will post it. Hopefully, I will post every two-three weeks. Maybe. It depends how complicated school gets.
To kick of the blog, the first genre I'm doing is horror. I know, thrilling. The song is entitled It's a Small World. I know, hysterical.
I wrote this piece for the book The Kingdom Keepers. In a nutshell, The Kingdom Keepers is about five kids who go into Magic Kingdom at night, and all the attractions come to life. They go on the actual ride It's a Small World, and the dolls come to life and start attacking the kids (like, you know, hitting them with sticks, biting them, etc). The kids end up escaping the ride. (If they didn't, it would be a depressing book).
For this song, I took the real song It's a Small World, and incorporated it with a real orchestra. (So technically, this isn't really the horror genre. It's more like the kiddy-ride-gone-wrong-genre). Anywho, just take a listen:

It's a Small World by Jon M.

Let me know what you think! And if you have any genres that you want me to do, just let me know. On the left, I have a list of genres that I need to compose. If you want me to do one, just tell me.

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco

[POST UPDATE]: I have been told that the song won't work on some computers (because of software, etc.) So, I added it to the iPod on the left. The other songs on the iPod are all available on my website.


  1. WOW! You have TALENT. Incredible job there. Verrrry creepy, lol! *listens for 4th time* ~Adele

  2. Heh, I still remember that song :) I can sing it with the best of em'!! My dad liked it :) He just said--woh, like your music! I liked the blending of the songs, even if I'm not a horror music fan. :)

  3. Whoa... that's just creepy. I love it! :D

  4. *Heart beats head spins*....NEVER THOUGHT I would hear a rendition like THAT!!!! If I ever go on that ride again I will have to make sure I am armed and dangerous!
    Fantastic job, though you successfully scared me. :D


  5. :-D Nice. I am always so amazed at how music can alter mood. The drums were a nice touch, almost like a heart beat which has to be one of the cooler tricks in a composer's bag, mimicking the heart. And the strings also were cool, and very vintage suspense/thriller which ties in nicely with the vintage song.

    Here's a challenge for you, Jon along the same lines. Could you give this footage a sound track?
    :-D abandoned amusement parks are rather macabre.

  6. Jon. You've done it again. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that song!!!! Fantastically scary! Really a creepy subject title too. O_o Little-Kid-Ride-Gone-Wrong. Yipes.

    Also, something weird, just after reading the description of the song and then starting it playing, suddenly it brought back in a wash a creepy dream I had several years ago. :|

    The dream was on a similar topic, getting stuck in a 'Attraction'. In the dream, I was actually stuck inside a huge indoor mini-golf place. Only it was like, enclosed, as in rooms, not like a huge room with the whole thing in it, rooms. The mini-golf place was really run down as well as it being at night. The REAL creepy factor was that if I stopped (it was a very vivid dream) I could hear people playing mini-golf and laughing, putting whatnot. But I was completely alone and the place was shut down. I was totally creeped out. Anyway, awesome song!

    - Leighton

  7. That was incredible, Jon! You had me so creeped out! LOL

    I'm with Jessica. I won't be able to go on that ride again without a 12 gauge.

  8. I'll never think of that ride in the same way again. O.o
    Great job! It's chilling.

  9. Hi, Jon! Fantastic stuff as usual! If any of my books get made into a movie, I'll be calling you for Scoring! Oh, and that reminds me, I have a proposition for you related to Sword in the Stars and a new contest. I'll be in touch!

  10. Whoa. It really has that kiddie-ride-gone-wrong feel. Suitably creepy. Fantastic job! I can't wait to hear more of your work!

  11. Sweeeeeeeeeeet. Dolls are creepy enough on their own, GREAT job on the song!

  12. Your music is just plain AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Is there any way I can get it on my ipod so I can listen to it more? I wish I could compose like that. Man you've got talent!!!

  13. I believe you said you've read Dragons in our Midst. Do you think you could write a piece for that?