Friday, April 29, 2011

Will's Father

I am done with school for the semester, so I finally have free time! So, let's get started...
I'll answer the questions that everyone asked on the Celtic post. But first, I would like to thank everyone for the encouraging words, ideas, and advice! It really meant a lot to me.
Question #1 from Noah: What do you think about Hans Zimmer? I think he is very original and has a great sound. The Pirates of the Caribbean and Sherlock Holmes are two of my favorite soundtracks, along with many of his others. While he is one of my favorite composers, my all time favorite is still James Newton Howard.
Question #2 from Jill Williamson: How many instruments do you play? My primary instrument is piano, and my “secondary” is flute (the fingering on the flute is the same for the piccolo, so I can also can play the piccolo). And I used to play the violin. I really want to learn all the instruments in the orchestra. How cool would that be?!
Question #3 from Cson: Has Peter Jackson talked to you about composing a soundtrack for The Hobbit movies yet? That’s classified information. :D

Before I get into the contest/new music, I wanted to say that... I've been interviewed!
Millardthemk, who by the way has an awesome blog interviewed me about two months ago. I forgot to mention is here on my blog... just click here to read it. Sorry it took me so long!

The contest: here are the names that people sent in...

for Celtic:
Inis Breeze
Greenfinch Beckons
The Wild Hills of Erin
The Hebride Fisherman

for Action/Adventure:
The Safest Way To Travel
Hidden Infiltrator
M-15 Valley

So, now you vote! Which name should they be? The polls are to the left... they will be closed in two weeks. Whoever gets the most votes wins.

And now, a new song: two months ago, I did another song for Ranger's Apprentice. I just couldn't help myself. This one is called Will's Father. The song is based off the scene where the character Halt tells Will about his (Will's) father, and how he died a heroic death saving him ("him" being Halt). Here it is:

Will's Father by Jon M.

Please let me know what you think!
Right now, I'm working furiously on my pirates song. Maybe I'll post a sample soon...

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco


  1. I just got chills! I love that you ended on a C major chord- I totally wasn't expecting that! It made me very, very happy. G minor is one of my favorite keys. I'm not really sure why. Can't wait to hear your pirate song!

  2. I take it you really like Ranger's Apprentice ;) Sounds amazing, as always. LOOOOVE the bell. Good call!

    As well, about the two-minute mark, I was about ready to cry, it was so sweet and sad.... inadequate words.... Anyway, thanks for the blessing of your music :]

  3. Awesome song, Jon! By the way, did Jacob contact you about a certain trailer that he's directing? I can't remember if he was going to yet or not.

  4. Please post a sample!!! :)

    Thanks for the shameless blog plug too, I appreciate every one :D

  5. Oops. I didn't send in my name ideas. I thought the post said the deadline was May 27th. Oh well. :) I like some of the suggestions.

    The new song is both epic and sad. And I haven't even read the book!

    I'm looking forward to the pirates song. *grin* Aye, matey!

  6. Cool! But you didn't get mt suggestions. I emailed you on the 22nd of April. Sad day. :(

  7. Jon,

    I love it! Nice job. My sister says that the fingering on an alto saxophone is almost the same as a flute, so I bet you could pick that one up quickly.

    My son and I really want to buy a violin to play with, but people tell me that it is a difficult instrument. :-(

    Write more songs, Jon! I love to hear your music.

  8. novelteen, I play violin. It's true that it's difficult, but don't let that stop you! It's worth the hard work if you ask me.

  9. This is fantastic, Jon. Music rarely brings tears to my eyes, but this song did the trick.

    I have no idea how you can make a song pack such an emotional punch.

  10. Without a doubt this is my FAVORITE piece that you have written. It is so powerful in so many different aspects I don't know where to start's perfect. Lovely, beautiful, emotional, complex but simple. Such breath taking notes...
    Thanks for sharing your gift with us.

  11. Oh my gosh! Back again listening to this and, suddenly at about the 1:54 mark it made me think of the Howl's Moving Castle Theme :D Sorry, random....