Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hey there. So, I composed my Arabian piece. It was fun!
I have decided something: I am "dedicating" this song to C. S. Lewis' The Horse and His Boy. This is the first of many songs I want to compose for that book. This is meant to be the "opening titles" or something. I will hopefully do at least four more songs for the book. But we'll see.
With this song, I wanted it to be more orchestral than anything else I've done. I also wanted to sound completely different than how I usually sound.

The Horse and His Boy - Main Titles by Jon M.

Please take a minute and let me know what you think! Should I even compose more songs for The Horse and His Boy?

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Great Destiny

I'm back from Nicaragua. It was so amazing. Thank you for your prayers!
We left Friday morning, and we got back late Thursday night. So I hadn't played a piano/composed anything for a whole week. I took all of my creative energy and composed another trailer song. (Dude, they're fun to compose). This one I call A Great Destiny. Please let me know what you think!

A Great Destiny by Jon M.

I'm working on Arabian right now... haven't gotten to Sci-Fi. It'll be fun.

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco

Friday, May 20, 2011

At All Costs

A while back, I posted a waltz that I had composed. I entered it into the Lynn Freeman Olson competition, not expecting anything. But as it turned out, I won! I nearly had a heart attack when I got the phone call... haha. So, I'm extremely thankful and honored.

I am leaving for Nicaragua on a mission trip for a week, and before I leave, I wanted to post some new music. I like composing "epic music" (it's so much fun!), so yesterday, I sat down, and composed this song. I named it At All Costs. Let me know what you think!

At All Costs by Jon M.

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco

Sunday, May 15, 2011


The contest is officially over. Thanks to everyone who entered! The name of the Action/Adventure song is officially Heartbeat and the name of the Celtic song is officially The Wild Hills of Erin. Congrats to the winners!
So, new genre time. What's on the menu???...

1. Arabian -tie- Sci-Fi
2. Western
3. Classical
4. Oriental
5. Spy/Mystery
6. Electronic
7. Spanish -tie- Romantic Comedy
8. Ethnic/African
9. Jazz

I will do the top three: Arabian, Sci-Fi, Western, and Classical.

So, ***BREAKING NEWS***: Ridley Pearson emailed me and said he was "blown away" by my It's a Small World piece! I definitely had a mini heart attack when I saw the email. Haha...

Some "new" music... attached to this post is an artsy piece I did two years ago. I was studying Philip Glass at the time, and I wanted to do a minimalist piece. (Basically, it repeats a lot... haha). This piece is called H2O. When composing the piece, I was asking myself the question, "If water was music, what would it sound like?" It was written for two pianos. I think it is slightly boring compared to some of my other stuff... it's not really like a film score... but still, let me know what you think!

H2O by Jon M.

I am leaving next week for a six-day mission trip in Nicaragua. (Prayer is appreciated!) Then I get back, and June will be my composing month. Hopefully, I'll compose to the next four genres then...

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Isle of Swords

Pirates. The first word that comes to mind is swashbuckling. Very intense swashbuckling. All I can say is this: never compose a pirate song late at night. You probably won't be able to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Take me for example: I finished the song at 2am. Then I couldn't fall asleep. All I could think of was pirate-themed adventure/swashbuckling things!

Anyways, take a listen to Isle of Swords. Let me know what you think!

Isle of Swords by Jon M.

I tried really really really hard to be original, and yet still make it sound pirate-like. It was hard, you know? So, did I succeed? I hope so...

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco

P.S. I'll be gone for a week, and then I'll take care of the contest. I'm sorry if you sent me in ideas and I didn't get them, or if you forgot, etc. I'm trying to think of a better way to hold contests. Any thoughts?