Friday, May 20, 2011

At All Costs

A while back, I posted a waltz that I had composed. I entered it into the Lynn Freeman Olson competition, not expecting anything. But as it turned out, I won! I nearly had a heart attack when I got the phone call... haha. So, I'm extremely thankful and honored.

I am leaving for Nicaragua on a mission trip for a week, and before I leave, I wanted to post some new music. I like composing "epic music" (it's so much fun!), so yesterday, I sat down, and composed this song. I named it At All Costs. Let me know what you think!

At All Costs by Jon M.

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco


  1. YESSS!!!! I was SO hoping you'd win that! You rock, Jon!

    Also, At All Costs is definitely pushing it, awesomeness-wise. lol Wow, dude.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You deserve it!


    This track is absolutely amazing!

  3. Nicely done, Jon. I liked it. I like the percussion in this one.

    I was watching Saturday morning cartoons with my kids and the Smurfs came on. I always loved the Smurfs song. It made me think of you and how you should compose a theme song for a cartoon. ;-)


  4. I love it! Epic music is awesome. I like how your piece changes halfway through. The first part feels like the main character has to make a hard decision. Then he makes it and gets down to the serious business of putting it into action and the music changes. Very cool.

    Congratulations on winning the contest!

  5. I loved that waltz---congratulations!

  6. Congratulations on winning! That piece was so pretty and perfect!

    What can I say? I love this piece and the draw on emotions in the second half just gives it that breath taking ending...that leaves you wanting more but with a title like there any more (sorry thinking like a book reader here...what that's not the end is it!)

  7. Remind me to visit this blog more often during my writing process. The last half of this piece just makes me want to write epic combat scenes. The first half is the buildup, and for a moment, there's silence... then the cavalry charge.

    Loving this piece.