Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Isle of Swords

Pirates. The first word that comes to mind is swashbuckling. Very intense swashbuckling. All I can say is this: never compose a pirate song late at night. You probably won't be able to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Take me for example: I finished the song at 2am. Then I couldn't fall asleep. All I could think of was pirate-themed adventure/swashbuckling things!

Anyways, take a listen to Isle of Swords. Let me know what you think!

Isle of Swords by Jon M.

I tried really really really hard to be original, and yet still make it sound pirate-like. It was hard, you know? So, did I succeed? I hope so...

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco

P.S. I'll be gone for a week, and then I'll take care of the contest. I'm sorry if you sent me in ideas and I didn't get them, or if you forgot, etc. I'm trying to think of a better way to hold contests. Any thoughts?


  1. The first part of the song didn't seem like piratey to me, but the last 30 seconds or so did. :)

  2. It's a totally different outlook on the whole pirate theme... the last part was like the whole swashbuckling pirate theme, while the first part was sort of the quiet before the storm, so to speak.

  3. As soon as I heard this I was like..."Pirates of the Carribean"!!!! haha ;) Sounds just like some of the soundtrack...Good job!! :)

  4. Shiver me timbers! Now I have to go finish reading "Isle of Swords!" *waves cutlass* Ahoy!

    Yes, it's certainly pirate-ish. Bravo! I can tell you were influenced by the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, but you've also got your own unique flair.

    I don't have any suggestions for holding contests, because I've never held any myself.

    *staggers off like Jack Sparrow*

  5. I liked it, Jon. I liked the soft beginning. I pictured the boat at sea, peaceful, but then--what's that??? Pirates off the starboard bow! And then there was a massive battle, and the music picked up. Very cool. Makes me want to write a pirate story.

  6. Good job!!! It did sound very piraty but not a whole lot like Pirates of the Caribbean (and I should know, I LOVE those soundtracks!) I could see the characters from Isle of Swords in there. The begining made me think of Anne. Hey, if you ever need a violinist let me know! I'm pretty good and I've always dreamed of playing in an orchestra for a film.

  7. I liked it very much, Jon. It was very swash, swash, buckle buckle, and I saw the sea, be it open or shrouded in fog, or lit orange by cannon fire the whole time.
    While I heartily, truly, admire your attempts to be original, I could totally hear Pirates of the Caribbean for most of it. You came into your own at the end, though.
    All in all, a very enjoyable composition, though Hans Zimmer's influence is definitely there. I don't blame you, though-- after POTC, it's hard for anyone to do anything that doesn't sound like it! :P
    ps the end was very, very cool. I loved the sense of approaching doom or something, it almost felt like marching. But still sailing. :P Dunno if that made sense....

  8. Looking at your closed poll, I think your next genre should be Arabian Sci-Fi. :)

    Also, good work on writing something more or less original in a genre that is defined by Hans Zimmer. It's definitely difficult to write anything piratey without sounding like POTC soundtrack material, because that's what most people think of when they think of "pirate music." Even Alestorm lifted a whole section of the Pirates theme for their song "No Quarter."

    What this strikes me as the most is something you would hear underneath a movie trailer for something pirate flavored.

    And by the by, have you ever thought about perhaps teaming up with an author to write a musical made out of a swashbuckling comedic fantasy book? (Hint hint!)

  9. Hey, Jon, this is definitely good music--to me seems better for behind the actions soundtracking. The original Isle of Swords you did for me had a more recognizable recurring melody, something more for a theme. Very cool stuff.

  10. Arg me hearty a pretty piece ye have here!

    (Sorry I couldn't help myself).

  11. Sir Jon, I have just discovered your blog at the direction of Jake. I've been listening to various bits of your music on here; it's fantastic!

    You have marvelous talent.