Thursday, June 30, 2011


Here is my second Arabian piece. It's based off the scene in The Horse and His Boy where Shasta and company have to travel through the city of Tashbaan, but they get separated, Shasta being "captured" by the Narnians. In the book, while they are walking towards the city, it says...

"At the moment a low, throbbing noise began which gradually swelled louder and louder till the whole valley seemed to be swaying with it. It was a musical noise, but so strong and solemn as to be a little frightening.
"'That's the horns blowing for the city gates to be open,' said Bree."

So, that's how I started the song. I always imagined that, if it were a movie, it would show scenes of them traveling, and it would have a lot of amazing desert scenery. That's the music between the 0:22-0:57 mark. At 1:04, they are in the center of the city. It's really crowded, busy, and just hectic. At 1:14, they start getting separated. Then, at 1:32ish, the Narnians try to get Shasta. Then at 1:52, Shasta is taken by King Edmund. Aravis sees the whole thing happen. And then, at 2:11ish, it's King Edmund trying to talk to Shasta, while taking him away. If you never read The Horse and His Boy, then this probably means nothing to you. But, if you have, this might help you see what I was thinking when I was composing...

So, here it is. Let me know what you think.

Tashbaan by Jon M.

Have a great 4th of July!

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco


  1. Oooooh! I really liked this piece! I could picture everything. Remarkable! I don't remember much about that book, but even then I could see the scenes.

  2. Wow, thanks for relating that timeline for the scene! It gave me a great image of what was happening. Although I think it would be too short of a piece for the movie scene itself, it certainly works for those just remembering the scene. I love all the arabian drums and other sounds put in! (realizing I don't know much about such instruments) :P

  3. Oh the beginning is just thrilling and almost scary, I love how you draw it out. The drums add such a nice tenseness to the piece. :) Love the intensity of the middle then how it evens out so beautiful at the end. You've done it again! What an amazing and beautiful piece of music. :)
    I love the pictures you painted with each note and though I've never read The Horse and His Boy your brief description really created something I could see through your music. Wonderfully done once again.


  4. Amazing! It totally fits into the scenery you described from the book. I love the very Arabic feel to the music...very well done :D The drum solo is so intense I was just like O.O lol


  5. Epic, as always. :D Epic, epic, epicness. :D


  6. Incredible work! I could totally see it in my head.

  7. As the others said, I too could totally understand what was going on, and yes, I have read the Horse and His Boy. :D


  8. That was really good! It sounded exactly like you described it! The Horse and his Boy is one of my favorites and your music definitely fits!

  9. I'm reading this book and i can't wait to see a movie about this book someday, and music is awesome. Thank You.