Monday, July 4, 2011

Battle LA

Hey. So, I'm kind of sidetracking. I haven't started Sci-Fi yet, but I have started Classical, and I'm done with Western. So, I'll post all of them eventually, but I don't know in what order.
Anyways, I have started a new project. I am now going to start composing to trailers. (It was my brother's idea). I'll take out the original audio, and then compose music to them. For my first trailer, I did Battle Los Angeles. It was fun. Here is the original. (It won't let me embed it). And, here is mine: (The sound effects at the beginning are the same as the old one, but right when the words appear, it's all my stuff).

I composed this in six hours (non-stop), so I'm kind of brain dead right now. Haha... let me know what you think! Also, if you have any trailers you think would be good for me to do, let me know. 

Thanks for listening, (and in this case watching),

Jonathan Maiocco

P.S. Here is the SoundCloud version: 

Battle LA, My Trailer Music by Jon M.


  1. Wow! The music fit the trailer perfectly!! Especially the action right near the end.

  2. Are you going to be composing a techno or electronica piece?

  3. @Noah: Yes, I definitely will! I actually have a head start on that... I don't know when I'll finish it/post it though. Hopefully before summer is done? We'll see.

  4. THAT WAS SO AMAZINGLY PERFECT! It was PERFECT! The emotion, intensity it was just - you might be brain dead but my mind is BLOWN!!!! I could repeat myself over again and again but I'd just say the same thing PERFECT!!!!

    You're amazing Jon! Keep it up!


  5. Liked it Jon! I hope to view the video at some point too :D

  6. I think I like yours better. It's more interesting and seems to fit more closely.

  7. Dude, you rock. I watched the original and yours back-to-back and I must say, for the most part yours left the original in the dust, man. Good work. And for doing it in six hours straight-- most impressive. Can't wait for another.

    Doing one of the Transformers Dark of the Moon trailers would be fun. Maybe, if you wanted something that didn't have any voices or real sound effects like this Battle L.A. one, I think there is a Fellowship of the Ring trailer that is like that. I know it used Braveheart music for the trailer. What a cheat XD

    Anyway, great work! Hope you find some brain cells soon ;)

  8. Awesome! I compared it to the original, and I like yours better, definitely. :D It has just the right mix of thrills and impending doom... Lol.

  9. This wasn't one of your best. But it was still pretty good. I am looking forwrd to other trailers!