Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Christmas Epic.

Wait, it's December? Wow...
Here's a song I did about a year ago. I call it A Christmas Epic, inspired by O Come, O Come, Emmanuel and Carol of the Bells with a Trans-Siberian Orchestra twist.

A Christmas Epic by Jon M. 2011

What do you think? I'm considering doing another one... can't decide.

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco

P.S. Here is the best thing ever: (this is SO much better than my song. Hands down).

And here is probably the second best thing ever: Sleigh Rough.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Story

Wow, it's been a long time since I last posted. Sorry for the wait. College is very time consuming.
I realized that I've been posting music and just talking on and on and on... and you probably don't know anything about me. Life story. Age. How I started writing. Etc. So, lets start at the beginning...
Quick Facts:
  • Born October 29th, 1993. So yes, I just turned 18. 
  • Second oldest in my family. 
  • I have two brothers, one sister, and two great parents. 
  • I've lived in Atlanta my whole life. 
  • I am currently a sophomore in college.
I started composing about the age of 12. But as of then it was only a hobby. A lot of the first pieces I wrote were inspired by Narnia. Here's a piece called The Spell Begins to Break. (It's one of the first pieces I composed). Warning: not only did I steal from the Narnia soundtrack, it also sounds bad. Haha...

The Spell Begins to Break by Jon M.

Two years go by. I'm introduced to Christian fantasy books (the first being Raising Dragons by Bryan Davis.) Reading books really inspired me to write more music. When I was 14, I submitted one of my pieces to a contest. The grand prize was to head out to LA for three weeks, and to meet Mike Post, composer of Law and Order, Rockford Files, etc. Here's the song I submitted:

The Voyage by Jon M.

It's called The Voyage, inspired by The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. On April 14th, 2008, my mom got a phone call from Mike Post. As it turns out, I would have won the contest. But I was too young. But, he wanted me to come to LA anyways so we could talk, and he could show me what he does.
It was incredible. Summer came along, and my family and I flew out to LA. My mom and I went to his studio, and he gave us a tour, and then sat down and just told me what I needed to do, what I didn't need to do, and how to succeed. After going to LA, that's when I decided this is what I want to do.
So fast forward about 3.5 years. Music opportunities come and go. I slowly get more experienced... and here I am. In college. And that's my story. Now you know me!
Moving on... the comedy piece. Remember ages ago when I said I would compose a comedy piece and a sci-fi piece? Well, I meant to post the comedy piece ages ago, but never got around to it. So, here it is. I don't have a name for it... (and also, it ends abrubtly. I was going to add more, but I just didn't know what to add... any thoughts?) Here is (officially) the comedy genre:

The Comedy Piece by Jon M

The sci-fi piece is still a work in progress. Once I finish it, I'll post it.
I don't want to end on the comedy piece, so I'll post a song I just finished. A while back, I sat down to compose some epic trailer music, but then came up with this. It's like my first Celtic piece, but... epic. I call it Ever After. (No, not movie inspired... that's just the only name I could think up). This piece also ends slightly suddenly... don't know if I like it. What do you think?

Ever After (Celtic) by Jon M.

Lots and lots of music. Let me know what you think! This should make up for not posting for two months... I think the next genres I want to do are "spy" and "African". Haven't decided which one to do first...

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco