Tuesday, December 27, 2011

End of the Year

Well. It's the end of the year. Crazy! I can't believe I have been running this blog for a whole year now. Time seriously flew.
I sat down and composed some African music. It's kind of short... it helped me get my ideas down. I did a lot of research on African instruments, etc. It was really neat. (My favorite African soundtrack of all time is Duma. Great soundtrack and movie. Also, Blood Diamondby my favorite, James Newton Howard, is really good too.)

African Style by Jon M. 2011

What do you think?

Also did some trailer music. Always a good time. Haha...

I Am Transformer by Jon M. 2011

Within this year, I composed to nine different genres: Action/Adventure, African, Arabian, Cartoon/Comedy, Celtic, Classical, Horror, Pirates, and Western. Personally, I think African, Classical, and Horror can be re-visited because there is so much more I could do within those genres.

Including this blog post, I posted 24 times. Within those posts, I posted 29 pieces, coming to a total of 72 minutes of music, averaging at roughly 2.5 minutes for each piece. (I posted music I have composed from whenever up to now. All the music combined from this year only comes to about 50.5 minutes, give or take.) From the pieces I composed this year, the longest piece was Ever After at 3:14, and the shortest was I Am Transformer at 1:22.

Answer some questions for me: out of all the songs I posted, which one was your favorite? Which one was your least favorite? What do you want to hear more of? What is something you want to hear that I haven't done?

Resolutions: compose more music. Compose longer pieces. Be more... epic. Most of all: compose a complete trailer music album and put it on iTunes. (#1 Goal.) Hold me to that.

Thanks for following my blog this year. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Many Different Things...

I am going to cut to the chase...
First on the menu: actual video! "myouterspace.com" recently held a contest where you composed to this video clip and it was judged. About 300 were judged... and I didn't win. But you know, that's OK. (Watch it without audio, and then with audio. What do you think? Did my music fit?)

Second: I wanted to post this song... some of you might have heard the music I did for Robert Liparulo's series Dreamhouse Kings. (If not, you can download it for free on my website in the store or on his website near the middle of the page). I really like the themes I did for his books, and I want to continue with them. So I did and "action/adventure" sequence, just for fun. What do you think?

House of Dark Shadows, Action/Adventure Sequence by Jon M. 2011

And lastly: another Christmas epic! I threw it together, so I wouldn't say that it's incredible... but I hope you like it anyways. And guess what? You can download it! Just click the little down arrow button. Consider it a Christmas present from me to you.

Christmas 2011 by Jon M. 2011

Hoping to finish Sci-Fi before 2012. We'll see... haha.

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco