Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mission Improbable

First post of 2012. World's going to end in December, so I'd better write a lot of music... haha.
Here's the spy genre. I consider it "old school" spy, if you get what I mean. (Like Get Smart, James Bond, Mission Impossible, etc. Not like Salt, Bourne, etc.) This is supposed to be main-titles/suite/just-trying-to-get-all-my-thoughts-out kinda piece.
I want to share a back-story on how I got the theme: I was on vacation with my family at the beach. On the last night there, I had the weirdest dream. In the dream, I was a spy, and the "bad guy" had found me. He looked at me and said something like, "Game's over _______..." (Whatever my spy name was... haha). And then suddenly, everything faded to black, and the theme started playing full force in my head. I woke up suddenly, and immediately ran over to the keyboard I brought with me, and plucked it out. That's how the theme came about. Haha... hope you like it!

Mission Improbable by Jon M. 2011

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco

P.S. College starts Monday. Don't know when I'll get a chance to write more...