Monday, May 28, 2012

Not As It Seems

I am back from Nicaragua. (I've been back for a week now). Nicaragua was absolutely incredible. God taught me so much in such a short period of time, it is ridiculous. I'm so thankful God gave me the opportunity to go. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. I'm posting 7. BAM. haha

This little girl was at the church we went to on Sunday. 
She just kind of laughed and smiled, and wanted her picture taken. 

My awesome brother, Michael, painted a picture of Jesus. Upside down. 
This picture is of him flipping the painting. 

This is the final product. The whole church was watching 
and they were captivated. It was awesome. 

Random puppy. haha

We handed out stuffed animals to some kids in a village, and this little boy got one, 
and was hiding behind a doorframe, looking at us. 

The hardest day of the trip by far was going to the dump. This is a place
where people, just like you and me, sort through the trash of others to
find plastic bottles to make money. That is how they make a living. 
They are not doing it because they want to. They are doing it to survive.

You know what I love about this picture? This tree is standing in a pile
of trash. But you know what? It's standing strong. Despite the trash
all around it and the fumes of the fires, this tree is standing tall for all to see. 

That barely scratches the surface of my trip to Nicaragua. I wish I could tell you every detail of the trip, but honestly, it would take a book to do that. I hope what you've seen inspires you and causes you to see the world differently. I can't think of a good transition to start talking about music. So. Moving on...

Since getting back from Nicaragua, I have been working on the "epic music" album. (The goal is to have it on iTunes by the end of summer). I've been composing, brain storming for album covers, etc. I came up with my logo of "epic music" a while ago, but my brother Michael, who I mentioned earlier, kindly did a mock-up for me. Here's my logo:

What do you think? Note: this isn't the album cover. It's just my logo. The album cover could look like this, but I'm not sure... still coming up with ideas.

I can't post on this blog and not post new music, so here we go. I just composed this, hot off the press. I call it Not As It Seems. This will be on the album. What do you think?

I am leaving for Zimbabwe this Sunday (June 3rd). I'll be gone till June 15th. Prayer is definitely appreciated.

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco


  1. Awesome photos, and nice logo! Need some cover art, then?

    Now, for the music: It's awesome!

    The beginning sounds like a war scene with helicopters. Or high-tech futuristic aircraft of some sort. Then, a bit of context and straight into the action. I love the rapid drums you used! And the siren that changes pitch is epic. (which is the point, I'm guessing) Violins! Yes!! And the conclusion is wonderful, with a reprise of the siren and helicopters (maybe).

    Now, for the criticism part: there isn't much I don't like. Right before 1:07 the pattern starts getting old, until you change it. The only thing I have to say about that is to change it up, then go back to it with the other instruments as it is right now. But make it a subtle change.

    Now, an interesting note/comparison/recommendation - The last section, from 2:06 to the end, reminds me of a particular track from the Shutter Island soundtrack, only much shorter: (listen through all of it)

  2. Johnathan you are fantastic :D Glad you got a lot from the trip, and love the music! Safe travels to Zimbabwe!

  3. Wow, great pictures!

    As for the logo... I love it! It would make a great album cover, too, although I think it works better as a logo.

    And Not As It Seems... Wow. So fantastic. It has a bit of a Hans Zimmer feel to me -- Inception-ish, almost, although the last forty seconds or so have a Batman feel. Awesome!

  4. I absolutely loved reading all about your trip. And those photos were lovely! Sounds like a completely amazing, God-filled trip. :)

    And I am really liking "Not As It Seems." Whatever you used for that repeating "whirring"-ish sound was fantastic!

    Plus, this song sounds like it came from a trailer for that new movie Prometheus. Which makes it doubly epic ;)

    Will be praying for your next trip!

  5. @The Director: You know, you're right! It *is* similar to that Prometheus piece! (which I really, really love) I can't wait till that movie comes out!!

  6. You have awesome opportunities to go such amazing places and make a difference! The kids look so precious and cute!

    Love the dramatic intenseness of this piece it catapults you deep into the action. It seems like it would be a perfect piece of music for something like Tron (at least that's the scenes I saw flashing through my eyes as I listened to this). I love the siren effect that you have in here, it's a downtown city chase in the dark...oh the stories hiding in this piece of music.

    Epic again Jon!