Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Is Here

I am done with my sophomore year of college. It's a little surreal! Summer is here... it's awesome.
A couple of things: first, Gillian Adams, author and blogger, has written a book called Out of Darkness Rising. She first approached me on doing music for a book trailer for her book back in September. Now, the book trailer is done Check it out!

(Note: the piece I just blogged, Free Spriti, is in the book trailer. It's just in a different key...)
Second: This summer is ridiculous. I am going on two mission trips: May 12th-19th, I am going to Nicaragua (again!) and June 3rd-15th, I am going to Zimbabwe (which is in Africa). I feel called to Africa. I can't explain why. But I'm super excited about going. I'm getting my yellow fever vaccination and typhoid vaccination today. Prayer is appreciated.
Lastly: new music. I've been doing a lot of electronic music recently... but out of all the electronic pieces I've done, this was definitely the most fun to compose. I'm currently calling it Guts and Glory. (The name will probably change... any thoughts on a different name?) This will be on the trailer album that I'll put on iTunes... hopefully before the end of this summer... what do you think of it? Any thoughts, suggestions, etc?

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco


  1. Goodness, that "Guts and Glory" is fantastic! I'm listening to it and simply picturing 1,001 epic scenes all at once! Very nice, very polished. Sounds ready for a trailer. (and by the way, I like the title:)

  2. Love it!!!!! One of my new faves! Guts and Glory is a cool title, I think you should keep it! The trailer is also very cool, Free Spirit fits it wonderfully!

  3. May I just say that "Guts and Glory" is the most epic piece of musical artistry I've heard in a long time? :)

  4. The Guts and Glory piece is REALLY good! I love the orchestral beginning! The absence of background noise when the beat starts going is quite unique, and very cool. I love it! This is definitely one of my favorites of yours so far. I love violins with electronic!!! You nailed it.

  5. Love the melancholy beginning, it draws you in, then the heart beat...something's going to change but what? Tension mounting - resolve - intensity - action! Love the orchestration, probably my favorite part of the piece - seems to draw us into a slow motion action...then BAM back in the action full blown with both themes flying together, then the heart beat ending with something else that leaves you thinking. Love it. Beautifully done! And I like the title, it fits with the themes of the piece.

  6. Man, this is one of the best you have done. I love the mechanical part in the middle. ^ ^