Monday, June 25, 2012

Back from Africa

I'm back. (I've been back for roughly a week.) Let's recap:
I left for Africa on June 3rd, not knowing anyone in our group of 26 people. We flew to Johannesburg (15 hour flight) and then to Zimbabwe. The Zim is currently in a drought, so we had no showers for about a week. (Honestly, it wasn't too bad. Not only was it the Zim's winter, but there was no humidity. ) This mission trip was different from all the others I've been on, simply because I really bonded with the people in the country. I loved everyone I met. I would live in the Zim in a heartbeat. After a week of ministry, we did some typical touristy things, such as a Safari and Victoria Falls. We then flew back to Johannesburg and then back home. I got back the 15th. Here's some pics:

Saw this Zebra outside Morningstar, the campus we were on.

 Really cool bird.

Crocs. (Got this while on the safari.)

Was really excited when I took this pic!

Rooster! oh yeah

Victoria Falls. Beyond beautiful. 

The road we were staying on with the sun setting. 

I did a lot of rock climbing while in the Zim. (The people
on the trip called me a monkey because, supposedly,
I would scale the rocks and look just like a monkey.)
This is a 4ft gap in two rocks that had a 40ft drop. 
That was interesting to jump across...

Where I'd do my Bible study every morning.
So incredible. 

There are so many more pictures I wish I could share, but there's too many to choose from! This trip was incredible and I'm so thankful God let me be able to go.

Music: Still working on the trailer music album. I've "redone" Swords of the Six (the original can be heard on Scott Appleton's website). I also have to re-mix (not remix, as in doing a different version, but re-mix as in balancing the volume levels of the treble and bass, etc.) I Am Transformer, Beyond Death, and a couple other pieces. So that's taking more time than expected...

It took me forever to decide what to post, but I finally decided to post The Last Thing I Remember. I wrote this probably 2 months ago while I was reading The Homelander Series, by Andrew Klavan. It's based off the first book in the series, The Last Thing I Remember. (As you can tell, it took me forever to come up with a name for the piece. Yes, that was sarcasm. haha) The song is a lot of random themes thrown together that I thought would fit the book. The first half introduces the main theme (the piano motif) and has some action elements, while the second half handles the more emotional side of things. It's kind of in the style of James Newton Howard... what do you think?

I've been side tracking, because this blog was originally meant for me to compose to different genres, which I haven't done in ages. So, hopefully next post I will have a new genre that I composed to.

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco

P.S. Question: how many tracks should my trailer album have? I'm around 10 solid tracks right now. Is that not enough or...? I've been noticing the typical trailer album has about 20 or more tracks. If I were to do 20 tracks, I wouldn't finish by the end of summer. What do you think?


  1. I particularily love the drums at the end--they give it a--I don't know--touch of "self-scrifice" if you know what I mean. It makes it heroic but also sad.

    1. Glad you like the drums! They were actually the "final touch" to the piece... and they almost didn't make the cut. I was debating whether or not to have them for a long time. Anywho... thanks for commenting!

  2. Love your pics! They are beautiful, that jump looks TERRIFYING, but amazing.


    You really captured the emotion in the book, the trauma and sadness, the flavor of confusion and pain the tension. Love the drums, and then the piano in the ending...with ach that sound (What is it?) sounds like him being haunted, then the piano again him trying to recapture his soul - the haunting. Chills! PERFECTION!

    Wonderful once again Jon! Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with us, such a blessing!!!! And a new favorite!!! :D

    God Bless!


    1. Thank you so much Jessica! (I 'm glad you think I captured the emotions for the book... mission accomplished! haha)

  3. I'm sorry I can't be very helpful about the trailer tracks... :P I don't know anything about trailer tracks, although I love your music! :D

    What I'm really commenting to say, though, is that you shouldn't worry so much about sidetracking. Sure, the blog was meant for your compositions (and they are amazing, btw, and I love them!). But there's nothing wrong with posting about your life every now and again, and personally, I like reading other posts sometimes. People read their blog because of your music, but also because of you. Because you are an amazing person, and they would like to know more about you. So don't worry so much about sidetracking... I don't think anyone minds. ^_^

    1. Thanks Star-Dreamer, glad to know that the non-music side of me is OK to post about too. :D thanks for liking my music!

  4. The song was most excellent! Thank you for sharing. (Guts and Glory is my personal favorite) :)

    About the trailer album. I would say it depends on the length of the songs really. I think most of yours are about 3:00 or 3:30, so ten songs would only be roughly thirty minutes. I would prefer a longer album, but then again, I don't want to wait too long. ;)

    1. Guts and Glory. :D now that was fun to compose...
      Thanks for the input. I'm thinking thirty minutes is too short, but I don't want to wait too long either! haha. Maybe I'll just have to do another album after this one...

  5. Awesome photos! Mission trips are so cool, from what I hear. Never had the money for one...maybe one day.

    On to the song! Great job! I haven't yet read the book (I know, I know, I need to!), but it seemed to reflect it really well from what I know. The drum that fades off really quickly near the beginning is interesting. I'm not sure I like it or not, but you'll prolly win me over soon enough. :P

    You're right, it sounds similar to James Newton Howard. ;) It's really nice to hear a low-level, mostly-quiet piece, as they often make up a lot of any soundtrack album.

    Now, about the trailer album. I think you should do 12-15 tracks. 10 would be a bit small, but I don't want you to work too long ;)

    1. Mission trips are incredible! If you ever get the chance or feel called to go, don't even hesitate! WHEN you go on one, let me know. :D
      (Read the book! haha) Glad you like the low-level piece. I really should compose more...
      12-15. That's a good range. (I'm also thinking 10 is a bit small). I'll shoot as high as I can and hope for the best. Thanks for the input!

  6. Dude, we were on the same continent for a while! Epic! :D And yes, mission trips are incredible. I'm kinda having an extended one here in west Africa. ;)

    I think 15 tracks sounds good. 10 is too little, 20 is too many, so go for halfway. :) If you get cramped for time, I'd agree with Noah; 12-15 is a good range.

    The internet here is sketchy, so I can't listen to the soundtrack, unfortunately. I can't wait until I can, though - I loved that book!

  7. Jon, I LOVED it! As I listened to the piece certain parts of the book were coming to mind as the music changed. You are so talented!!

  8. Awesome pics and awesome music! ^ ^