Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Almost There

Summer is flying fast. I start school in one month. I'm going to make this month count!

I've been working on the Epic Music album everyday for a week now. There is a lot more to do than I thought there would be. For starters, I have to actually finish composing the rest of the music, then I have to get my brother to finish the album artwork, then I have to decide what music is actually going to be on the album, what order the tracks will be in (because I'm OCD like that), then make sure all the pieces sound good, then upload them, then... I don't even know. This is all new for me. But I think I am almost there.

I'm writing here on the blog because... well, I can't decide. I can't decide what music should actually go on the album. I have a lot of older pieces people like, such as Isle of Swords (pirate genre) and The Wild Hills of Erin (an older piece which oddly has 40,000 plays on SoundCloud). Remember, the album is called Epic Music, so I don't want to put pieces on the album that aren't necessarily... epic. But then that makes me think: do I put on Ever After? People seemed to really like that piece too. (It's the second most played on my SoundCloud). But... it's a celtic piece, if anything. As you can tell, I'm over thinking all of it and should probably just make up my mind already and put it on iTunes.

Here's my rough guess of what I am going to do:

1.) A Great Destiny
2.) Swords of the Six [redone]
3.) Beyond Death
4.) Superhero
5.) At All Costs [I never actually liked this piece... haha]
6.) As the World Ends
7.) Guts and Glory
8.) Free Spirit
9.) Extinction
10.) Voice from Heaven [NEW]
11.) I Am Transformer
12.) Never Back Down [NEW]
13.) Not As It Seems
14.) Ever After [maybe]
TOTAL TIME: 43.6 minutes

I wanted to post a preview of Swords of the Six, Voice from Heaven, and Never Back Down.

And I think that's about it. I'm going to get back to work. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, critiques, please... comment. Let me know.

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco


  1. AWESOME!!! Sounds like it's going to be spectacular. ;) Epic celtic music? Why the heck not? :) Can't wait for the finished product!

  2. Personally, I think anything Celtic is epic.
    However, if you feel that the song doesn't go with the others on the album, maybe it doesn't and you should reserve it for a later album?

  3. Awesome!!!! Love the selection of songs (except I am Transformer ;). I think you should do Ever After, in my mind it's epic. I also think you should do Mission Improbable, because that's my favorite :D

    I like what you did with the drums in Swords of the Six, can't wait to here al of it!!!! Voice from Heaven is amazing, though something sounded kinda off at the begining... maybe that's just me. Never Back Down is very epic!!!! Also can't wait to hear the rest of it! Can't wait to buy this!!!!

  4. Okay - now that I've squealed for nearly a full three minutes...I can try and comment. Try. *goes back to squealing*
    I love what you've done with the Pirate song!!!! SOOO EPIC!!!!!
    LOVE Voice From Heaven...
    <3 Never Back Down I love the depth in it!

    *gets on knees and begs you too keep Ever After in the album* - okay, you'll have to do what you know is best for your album but that one is epic in its own right.

    Can hardly wait for this to come out. It's going to be amazing!!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU AND YOUR AMAZING MUSIC!!!!! :)

  5. Nearly 45 minutes! Impressive! The list looks very good, and I look forward to seeing the process of releasing it! I approve "Ever After"s presence in the album. ;)

  6. Dude!! I'm sooo looking forward to the release of this album! :D

  7. Swords of the Six definitely needs to be in the album. It's epic and it's my favorite. :) It's also how I found you. I got on Scott Appleton's website, heard Swords of the Six, and then found your website.

  8. I definitely think you should keep Ever After in the album. I also think The Wild Hills of Erin and Isle of Swords have earned a spot in your album. They are definitely epic and I love Celtic music. Don't feel like you have to limit yourself to loud imposing pieces. Epic by definition means impressive, and in my mind slower less complicated pieces can be equally impressive.

  9. I would love to see Ever After in the album. I adore both your Celtic pieces and would love to hear either of them. I can't wait to hear the rest of Never Back Down and Voice From Heaven.It is hard to know what I really feel about them without hearing them fully.

    I would love to hear a bit more dramatic and emotional, rather than just action and loud. I have always felt that the most epic music is the stuff that really captures the emotions, not just the actions. Things like As the World Ends and A Great Destiny really fill me with emotions and images. While Not As It Seems and some others like it don't sweep me off my feet. That's just my girly opinion though.

  10. Hey, I'm visiting via Jessica's blog (safirewriter), and I listened to a bit of your music! It's really good! I think you got a really nice balance of the instruments going and they sound like real film soundtracks! :)

    I'm a wannabe music writer, fiddling around mostly on the piano with chords and such, but I was wondering: what program do you use to write your music on? I've been using musescore, but I'm not totally pleased with how all the instruments sound on that one.

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by!

      I use Logic Pro with "East West Sounds" plug-ins. It's a sequencing software, not a notation software. AKA, it's all about how it "sounds" not necessarily the written score. Hope this helps.