Saturday, November 3, 2012

Forever and a Day...

Yeah. It's been forever and a day. I'm sorry about that.
Life update: school is crazy, but good. That sums it all up.
Music update: ever since the album came out, I've been in a musical slump. I haven't been writing as much as I should. I've been slacking. Not cool. So I am going to post some stuff.

A True Western (Version 2). Why Version 2? I entered it into a contest, and the piece didn't win, but they told me that if I made certain tweaks to the piece, it would be better. So I did what they suggested. I made the middle more contrasting.


OK, now for something new. Brace yourselves: I have composed an artsy piece. It's for something called a Pierrot Ensemble. A Pierrot Ensemble is an ensemble of flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano. I composed it last week, because it was due for a contest. Translation: I composed as fast as possible.
I'll be honest, I'm not sure if I like the piece. There are some parts that I like, and other parts I don't. We have a love hate relationship. I originally was not going to post the piece, but then... I caved.
I call the piece A Wandering Mind.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the artsy side of Jonathan Maiocco.

So I know none of that was all that exciting. I'm hoping to post something really cool soon though. So hang in there.

But here is something cool for the moment: I have been remixed! Or, re-orchestrated... not sure what you would call it.

Daniel White, an awesome fell composer and friend, took my themes for The Horse and His Boy (which you can listen to them here and here) and composed a piece for The Horse and His Boy! Here's his blog post, and below is the piece.

Go check out Daniel's music and his blog. He's got some pretty awesome stuff! As always...

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco


  1. All right! Here goes...

    True Western 2.0 - Fantastic as before. I think the contrast idea was a good one, though, and I like how you implemented it, and changed little else before the middle. The length is also good! :) The contrast allows for a bit of sunset-to-sundown film sequences, making it really "epic". (I try to avoid that word a lot here, but in this case it's really true)

    And, inevitably, here's one bit of constructive criticism: at 3:04 the melody seems to be a bit jumbled, the listener isn't quite sure what the main drive is, but the confusion only lasts for a few seconds, since a bass line comes in and fixes the attention again. Still, a few seconds is enough to jar the listener out of the story to become self-aware again.

    Apart from that, it worked out well in the end!

    A Wandering Mind - I am going to agree with you on this. There are some parts I like and there are others I don't. Honestly, I could see most of it being improved. (but I understand! Rushing my own work b/c of deadlines has come out the same way) The beginning was good, and I could see it paired with an animation short, but it seemed a bit loud and forced at times. The rest, from about 1:55 onward, lost quite a bit of my attention, and was also slightly forced (loud). It may be that instruments were vying for the most prominent, and many ended up with the same volume. :(

    Now, back to good news! :) I really like The Fight at Anvard! I think it reflects those themes pretty well, so thank you for posting it here! Great job Daniel!

    And more news - the review for Epic Music is still coming along, I haven't forgotten. :S

    1. Hey, thanks so much for the suggestions!
      I agree completely with what you said about A True Western at 3:04. I really debated about keeping the melody part in... but I decided to keep it so I could use the main theme one more time.
      And yes, I agree again with Wandering Mind haha. I'm working on rearranging everything. Hopefully I can clean up the piece!
      Flight of Anvard, SO GOOD. Glad you like it too. :D Daniel did such a great job!
      And sweet, can't wait for the review! I'll make to post it here.

  2. where before I only liked your western piece, I can now say I love it. Much more emotion and depth in this version.

    1. Thank you Celtic Traveler! Glad you love it! :D

  3. I love your revisions, it goes from the scale of EPICA!!!!! So thrilling and beautiful and I still see a whole western movie playing through my head when I hear this.

    Oh, I love the wandering mind, it's a perfect description. I feel like I am going through someones whole day, and all the emotions and things then encounter, there are so many emotions captured in this's epic! Beautifully done Jon.

    Ha! That is super cool what he did with your music...liketh it muchly.