Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goodbye 2012

Hello internet.

The year is practically done. I didn't post as much this year as I did last year. (Last year being 24 posts, this year being 15, including this post.)

Life update: this has been a good winter break. It's been good to catch up on... everything. As of right now, I have two big things I am working on, both of them being school-related: my junior and senior recital. My junior recital is basically a piano recital in front of whoever wants to attend. It's February 13th at 8pm. (If you want to come, go for it. Just shoot me a message or something.) I have about 32min of music to play. (If I get a recording of me playing, maybe I'll post it here.) My senior recital (which will be probably sometime in November) will be my music. I have to have 45min of music on the recital, which is challenging because it has to be played live. (A lot of the music I do it electronic...) So this year, I will be focusing on composing small-ensemble music (like A Wandering Mind, H20, etc...) which means I will have to stay away from composing my usual epic/electronic music. But, this kind of leads into my announcement.

I have decided to do Epic Music II. But here's the catch: I am not going to post any of the music until I release the album. (And I have absolutely no idea how long it will take me to compose the album, so I have no idea when I will release it...) I'm hoping to do it late 2013, but a lot depends on my senior recital.

Another big announcement: I have started composing a Celtic album. I'm honestly not sure what it's all going to end up looking like or sounding like, or even when it will be released. But I'm going to try. Back in July, I mentioned that The Wild Hills of Erin had 40,000 plays. Now it's at 80,000. Hmm... (My theory: I simply called the piece Celtic, so if you search celtic on SoundCloud, my piece shows up.) Regardless, people seem to like that piece, so I might as well do an album of stuff like it. I am going to put The Wild Hills of Erin and Ever After on the album. (I'm still thinking through a lot of this though... just wanted to throw it out there.) Fingers crossed. Thoughts, advice?

On a smaller note, I have two short films I might be composing to this semester. Again, fingers crossed.

So yes, lots to do, much to think about, and too little time.

Music time: (I'm taking a risk, but I'm posting this anyways.) I have never been much of a singer. (In fact I hate my voice... but that's besides the point.) Earlier this semester, I was sitting at the piano just plucking out some tunes. I was playing Radioactive, by Imagine Dragons. (Really sweet song. Very epic.) I suddenly realized: it kinda had the same chord progression as Time from Inception. So I decided to mash them up. (Note: this was in September. I just didn't have the courage to post this until now haha...) So yeah. Here goes nothing. (Note: I'm only posting the second-half of the song. The first-half sounded awful haha...)

It was fun. I really want to record someone else singing it though. But we'll see what happens. (Not sure if I'll have time...) What do you think?

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco