Thursday, October 10, 2013

San Fran

And I'm back.

I made you guys a video. (First time vlog kind of thing... so cheesy is a definite. Sorry about that.)
Just an fyi...
- my family is in Nicaragua on a mission trip, so I went by myself. That's why I filmed it, so they could see what actually happened.
- I flew in Sunday morning, flew out Sunday night, got back at 6AM (a full 24hour trip).
- when they handed me the mic, they asked two questions: 1. who is with you here in the audience? and 2. how did you start composing/get to where you are now? So yeah.

Here is the performance by the talented Murin Symphony. (Here's the MIDI mock-up.)

And that was my trip. It was a whirlwind, but great.

Musically, I thought I'd post something... different. I gave a shot at remixing. This past summer, I decided on a whim to remix Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. I worked on it one night, stayed up till 5:30AM, and then left for Italy the next day, so by the time I got back, I didn't feel like finishing it. True story. All of my friends that have heard it really like it, so... why not share it with you guys?


With having to work on my senior recital (45min of original chamber music essentially) I have literally no time to work on Epic Music II. I'll get to it when I can, and I'll keep you guys posted. So, for being so patient...

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco


  1. Wow, that was awesome! When can we expect to hear the final pristine recording?

  2. Crazy good. Marin? I know North bay because you crossed the Golden Gate. It's a hike from SFO!! Next time fly into Oakland and stay long enough to enjoy the scenery!

  3. "I think I wrote the trumpet part too high." Dude, had me laughing so hard. I cannot imagine how surreal it must have felt to hear the orchestra practicing. Gave me chills, just across video! It would be insanely amazing to hear your music performed in person one day.