Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Back in 2011, on my 18th birthday, one of my good friends gave me the present of a lifetime. It just occurred to me to post about it.

Essentially, she sent out letters to ten of my favorite film composers. (I can't remember who they were then... my top ten are always changing.) I'm pretty sure this list included James Newton Howard, John Debney, Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Andrew Lockington, Harry Gregson-Williams, Christophe Beck, etc. She sent them envelopes with two postcard-sized movie posters and a letter saying that (basically) - my friend, Jon, wants to be a film composer too, and it would be awesome if you could sign the pictures to Jon, and send them back to me in the self addressed envelope. Thanks! Two composers replied.

The first was Christophe Beck. I was introduced to his work through The Seeker (2007) way back in the day and RED (2010). Throughout the years, it'd been super cool to watch him score major films, some being Due Date, The Muppets, Pitch Perfect, The Hangover (I, II, and III), Edge of Tomorrow (great score, by the way), and Frozen. So yeah, definitely a big name in Hollywood now. He sent back these two:

Beck even wrote on the letter back saying something along the lines of "sorry you can't really see the signatures, best of luck!"

The other composer was John Powell. Need I introduce him? No. Here's the two he sent back:

So yeah. That's my story. Maybe I'll tell it at parties.

What it makes me think about is this: there is so much emphasis on being a better musician that  being a person can get lost. I really think that life isn't about doing, it's about being. I'm reading a book about the lives of "great composers" right now - some of them were incredible musicians - they did great things! But man - some of them were terrible people. Getting this gift from them really means a lot to me - and the gift says a lot about Beck and Powell as people. Final thought: be a great musician, but be an even better person. (And to the other composers' defense, life is busy - so not replying to fan mail doesn't make you a terrible person. Just felt like I needed to put that, in case Hans Zimmer reads this. Cause that's going to happen.)

For August, I will be posting miscellaneous projects that I have worked on over the course of this year. They are unlike anything else I've done before - so definitely check back for them!

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco

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  1. *completely loses it*
    This is AWESOME. And your conclusion hits the nail on the head. Great reminder. (Perfect timing, too.) Keep on keeping on, Jonathan, and definitely share more cool stuff like this!