Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Galaxies - A Visual Listening Guide

Galaxies is officially out. (Funny story, it came out last week, but the price was completely wrong. So I wanted to wait till they got that right). It's on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby. It's also available to listen to on Spotify and on my website. If you want to buy it, I suggest either CDBaby ($13) or iTunes ($14). On Amazon it is $18 and on Google it is $19. Don't know why.

Quick trivia about the album:

  • two discs, twelve tracks on each disc. The first disc is the twelve major keys, the second disc is the twelve minor keys.
  • each track averages around eleven minutes, which brings the album to 4 hours, 38 minutes, and 34 seconds.
  • each disc is the same length.
  • I started composing is in April, but didn't really get started till May. I finished it late June.
  • the hardest part about the album was having the ability to stay awake while composing. It's like one of those, "I'm sitting here listening to ambient music, and all I want to do is fall asleep." I started taking B12 supplements. No joke.
  • the tracks go around the circle of fifths. (So "AM 0644-741" is in C Major, "M31" is in F Major, "ESO 540-31" is in Bb Major, etc. Same follows for the minor disc.) This is so you can listen to it in the original track order and it have a smooth flow from one track to the next.

Here is a visual listening guide so you can see what inspired me on each of the tracks.


1.) AM 0644-741

2.) M31

3.) ESO 540-31

4.) IC 342

5.) Zw II 28

6.) NGC 2841

7.) NGC 6946

8.) M101

9.) M106

10.) M82

11.) NGC 4911

12.) NGC 1313


1.) M81

2.) M51a

3.) I Zwicky 18

4.) NGC 5128

5.) Arp 244

6.) C3 321

7.) NGC 524

8.) NGC 1309

9.) NGC 1316

10.) UDFj-39546284

11.) NGC 4449

12.) IC 10

Here are samples from the album:

Disc 1:


Disc 2:

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco

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