Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Not sure if anyone is interested in this - but I was going to review what I did in 2014, and then what's happening this year in 2015.

January 14th - release of Epic Music II. (It's been a year - what?) 48:23.
February - major work put into Senior Recital. Also did the Bleeding Fingers Competition. Just for funsies.
February 27th - Senior Recital. 45:00 of acoustic music performed in a concert hall. I had a short film (Bound), Pierrot Ensemble (A Wandering Mind), Piano Solo (Snow), String Quartet, Baritone and Piano Solo (Annabel Lee), Woodwind Quintet, and full Symphonic Wind Ensemble.
April - did my first full cover song, It's Wild I Am Time. Mash-up of Wild I Am by The Vocal Few and It's Time by Imagine Dragons.
May - graduated with my Bachelor's in Music Composition from Georgia State University.
May and June - solely worked on Galaxies.
early July - secret project. Will post later?
July 15th - release of Galaxies. 4:38:34. Experimental album for me.
late July and August - produced eight singer-songwriter songs with a friend. Might post later?
August 26th - release of Say Something (feat. James Harris). First ever release of a "song".
September and October - work on a Saxophone Quartet and a band piece. 
November and December - work on Sweater Weather and a short film called Numbers

Looking forward:

[January 17th - had a saxophone piece premiered on a concert.]
February 5th - premiere of my band piece Beautiful Innocence.
February 7th - premiere/showing of the short film I composed to, Numbers.
mid-February - rehearsals and recordings, working toward...
February 26th - GRADUATE RECITAL. 8PM. KOPLEFF RECITAL HALL. An hour of acoustic music that I am writing. This is a big project for me. Trying to just get past this.
March and April - finishing up graduate school, graduating...

...and after that? Good question. Thanks for asking.

Some music: here's a sample of the score to the short film Numbers.

The scene I was writing to was really suspenseful. So that was fun to do. (Ever since writing Galaxies, I have started to blend ambient/electro-acoustic with epic(isn) sounding stuff... so it's weird to hear how that's effected my work.)

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sweater Weather

Hello 2015. It's going to be a good year.

So I graduate, if anyone cares to know. May 2015. Yesterday, I was printing off my calendar for the year, and came to the realization that all I needed to print off was the first five months - after May is a blank. (Ish. More to come.)

I just completed this project with my friend, James Harris. (We did Say Something together.) We covered Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood. My sister did harmonies on the track. And as always, my bro Michael did the artwork.

And that's that. Hope you like it.

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco