Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Not sure if anyone is interested in this - but I was going to review what I did in 2014, and then what's happening this year in 2015.

January 14th - release of Epic Music II. (It's been a year - what?) 48:23.
February - major work put into Senior Recital. Also did the Bleeding Fingers Competition. Just for funsies.
February 27th - Senior Recital. 45:00 of acoustic music performed in a concert hall. I had a short film (Bound), Pierrot Ensemble (A Wandering Mind), Piano Solo (Snow), String Quartet, Baritone and Piano Solo (Annabel Lee), Woodwind Quintet, and full Symphonic Wind Ensemble.
April - did my first full cover song, It's Wild I Am Time. Mash-up of Wild I Am by The Vocal Few and It's Time by Imagine Dragons.
May - graduated with my Bachelor's in Music Composition from Georgia State University.
May and June - solely worked on Galaxies.
early July - secret project. Will post later?
July 15th - release of Galaxies. 4:38:34. Experimental album for me.
late July and August - produced eight singer-songwriter songs with a friend. Might post later?
August 26th - release of Say Something (feat. James Harris). First ever release of a "song".
September and October - work on a Saxophone Quartet and a band piece. 
November and December - work on Sweater Weather and a short film called Numbers

Looking forward:

[January 17th - had a saxophone piece premiered on a concert.]
February 5th - premiere of my band piece Beautiful Innocence.
February 7th - premiere/showing of the short film I composed to, Numbers.
mid-February - rehearsals and recordings, working toward...
February 26th - GRADUATE RECITAL. 8PM. KOPLEFF RECITAL HALL. An hour of acoustic music that I am writing. This is a big project for me. Trying to just get past this.
March and April - finishing up graduate school, graduating...

...and after that? Good question. Thanks for asking.

Some music: here's a sample of the score to the short film Numbers.

The scene I was writing to was really suspenseful. So that was fun to do. (Ever since writing Galaxies, I have started to blend ambient/electro-acoustic with epic(isn) sounding stuff... so it's weird to hear how that's effected my work.)

Thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco

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